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Welcome to What about the food?

What began as a cook’s love letter in 2010 has evolved in an culinary exploratory of a home cook with a curiosity and passion for  the whole of the food experience. Visually, culturally, historically, currency and trend that shape the human sensory experience that makes me ask the question, “What about the food?”

What is the story? Where does it come from, who grew it, how is it prepared, what does it mean to you, to me?

This is a journey, not only to push out of a culinary rut, to be inspired, but to also record those family favorites as requested so they are not lost. Join me as we explore, travel and awake with new a sense of creativity, enlivening our perceptions of the meaning of our food, how it relates and share the stories along the way. I have become dedicated to the improvement of how this is expressed to my readers.  To that end I have become a student again bringing fresh eyes to a life spent as a wife, working mom and now grandmother. There is so much to learn. Along the way I have found  a wonderful community of friends, photographers, stylists, writers and foodies who share this passion.

I am a product of my upbringing, as are we all. It is my extreme good fortune that I grew up in Santa Cruz, California on the coast and amid it’s bounties.  My taste palate is derived from a lifetime of well prepared food, fresh flavors, a tribute to my father who was the mainstay in the kitchen at home and a brilliant amateur photographer.  He was a child raised in the Great Depression where the notion of eating fresh and local meant food from the family’s Victory Garden, fresh caught fish, seasonal deer hunting or, waking up to the tide clock to go clamming or diving for abalone. The food of our childhood, what we all relate to as comfort food is so infinitely different for each of us.  Memories are tied to the taste, smells and the preparation of something familiar and special. The echos of that heritage will sound here.

We are the essence of where we’ve come from, pushing us to where we’re going. I am my father’s daughter, my mother’s friend. A wife, a mother, a professional geek. Food is the creative outlet, the tie that binds.  I invite you to play along and see what’s cooking at my house or join me in my travels. I hope it is not ordinary, that the stories entertain and perhaps an idea resonates enough to try or provoke a comment. My wish for you is to cook well, be open to new things and always find time for family and friends around the dinner table.

Work with me

Examples and media work found on my Work with me page.  Please take a look and send inquiries my way!


I test every recipe I create and do my best to measure accurately quantities, timings and methods so if you are so inclined to try them out you will be successful. Being human, there may occasionally be omissions to be corrected or clarifications on preparation. The best way for me to fix these are if I hear from you!  If I am testing or reviewing a recipe from another source I will always give credit, provide links if the recipe is online and note any personal modifications I’ve made in the process.

When I visit a restaurant, read a cookbook, mention an ingredient or have a foodie experience related here I usually have paid for it myself. If I happen to receive products or compensation in some way I will disclose that in my review or post. I will not mention items that I would not, or have not tried myself. My opinions are my own, and I pride myself on being sincere, honest and truthful therefore reviews will not be influenced or weighed differently based how the experience was provisioned.
All photographs and written content on What about the food? © 2010-2024 Robin E. H. Ove unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved. Please contact me if you are interested in using my content or photographs. You may not use my work for commercial purposes without my permission.


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  1. Great meeting you. Hope you get your iPad back. Florence is marvelous, as usual.
    Love your work, especially the photos.

  2. Shelly Errington says:

    Hi Robin – your blog looks great, your photographs just beautiful, and all in all the spirit of it is terrific. How does one subscribe? Please write me individually so I can invite you to my Open Studios event in Santa Cruz! Look forward to sharing good times–photos, food, friends, and adventures–in the future!

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