Chocolate for Scholars

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We’ve all been on one end or another, supporting a fundraiser with the enticing chocolate bar supporting a worthy cause, or family. It takes a lot of dollars to  make a difference, and for seven years the UCSC (University of California, Santa Cruz) Women’s Club has created the ultimate guilt-free chocolicious event at the beautiful Coconut Grove on the beach in Santa Cruz. Chocolate, music, wine, sun and surf. All in support of scholarship. Over 60,000 dollars raised to benefit those students returning to school, re-entry they call it after the break fate has given them.


An army of volunteers — hundreds work year long to create a diverse and fun filled experience for festival guests. This chocolate lover’s event features chocolatiers and chocolate artisans including restaurants, bakeries, chocolatiers, patisseries, authors, and catering companies — and wine tasting.  It is quite the party, something for just about everyone and last year the 49er’s game was broadcast for those football loving fans. For many it is a standing date, the birthday celebration, a couples afternoon delight, a winter’s diversion for the kids blending the adult’s chocolate cravings with the fun of cupcake decorating and the promise of some arcade time afterwards.

Santa Cruz Chocolate FestivalCupcakes, chocolate truffles and happy tummies!


Incredible creations from ice cream to gourmet chocolate bars.

Come and check out the Silent Auction with amazing themed gift baskets, certificates or sit in on one of the instructional demonstrations.


From sweet to savory, tastes will spark your imagination.

Our fantastic volunteers represent our diverse community, students, staff, retirees and community members who just want to join the fun and be a part of this lively event. Smiles all around.

Weather forecast is Delightful! Still time to make your plans and buy tickets! See you there!



Official Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival Site

Here’s a list of all the vendors for this year if you would like to preview the tastings.

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Note: All photos from the 2013 Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival, Photo Credit: Robin E. H. Ove

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  1. Jamie says:

    Wow… now this is my kind of charity event! Something for everybody and certainly something that will raise loads of money for an excellent cause. Your photos are great as is your writing (always).

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