Spring Forward

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The late April sun breaks through and recently planted seedlings are popping through the rich, moist warm earth. It is such a miracle to me and my perennial herbs of sweet marjoram, oregano, rosemary and thyme are springing to life with tender shoots. The still cool air wafts in through the kitchen window with the scents of roses, mint and chives and the heady euphoria of Spring hits me smack in the face with a broad smile. Spring forward.

It is exciting to me when my herbs return, fresh, fragrant, and pungent — so different than their dried cousins. So easy to step outside and snip a few to add to nearly any dish, the oils lingering on my fingertips like perfume.

So I celebrate with a simple Caprese salad with added chives, just picked and a drizzle of spicy olive oil. I will have to wait patiently for my tomato harvest though, coaxing these heirloom varieties along until it is time to celebrate again with them as the centerpiece. Same preparation, different focus as the seasons change.

Herbs, Chives and Tomatoes

Spring Photo Challenge by Junglefrog Cooking

Thanks to Simone for her monthly photo challenges, see all the Spring inspired photos and recipes at Junglefrog Cooking.

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4 Responses to Spring Forward

  1. www.myselfnusrat.wordpress.com says:

    Good Lord! Never seen Chives so up-close and personal ! Those gorgeous blossoms took my breath away ! And beautiful photography, as always 🙂

  2. Simone says:

    So gorgeous Robin! I love chives flowers and we always used to have them in our little garden too but I am not sure what happened as they seemed to have magically disappeared. I think it’s time to plant a few new bulbs. Thanks for joining this month!

    • Robin E. H. Ove says:

      Hey Simone, I do think you need to buy a couple little chive plants for your garden! Perfect little snips for added flavor. Thanks for hosting another great photo event 🙂

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