Yogurt and Harissa Marinade for Pork

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Hooray, long weekend ahead and lots of grilling in our future! The weather is cooperating and I can smell the fruit wood smoke wafting into the kitchen window. I am so glad I thought ahead and marinated the bargain prices country ribs overnight and we have a weekend feast on a Tuesday.

On the foodie new front, I just read an article in the New York Times Food section that the US Department of Agriculture has lowered the recommended internal cooking temperature for pork down to 145º degrees from 160º. This is huge! No longer need we feel compelled to overcook this wonderful meat into medallions of dry, tough leather for fear of bacteria. These are modern times and it is legal to be juicy and show a little pink in the middle and I like it!

This recipe combines the cool of yogurt and hot of Harissa spread. If you haven’t got Harissa, any spice will do, if you haven’t got any spice, then God Bless You! (sung to the tune of Christmas is Coming)

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Yogurt and Harissa Marinade for Pork
Grilled Country-Style Pork

Yogurt Harissa Marinade for Country Pork
Marinate Overnight
Makes 1 Cup

4 good sized bone in country style pork ribs
1 cup plain yogurt
1 ½ tsp Harissa Spread
¼ cup Alton Brown’s Rub Number Nine

Premix Alton Brown’s Rub Number Nine  (makes a lot, store in refrigerator, last 3 months)
Blend yogurt and Harissa Spread together in a small bowl, taste and adjust for heat.

Rub each rib thoroughly with spice rub, then coat with yogurt mixture.
Place in large zipper plastic bag and refrigerate over night.
Cook on BBQ grill or in oven until about 145-150 degrees, let rest 3 minutes and serve.

Cook’s Tips and Info

If you don’t have Harissa Spread, try substituting Sriracha Chili or Tabasco to taste.
Alton Brown’s Backyard Baby Back Ribs – Rub Number Nine
You can get Harissa Spread from Amazon or various other online stores. 
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  1. buy pgx says:

    Marinated country style pork ribs taste better with the yogurt mixture.

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