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I like cooking (obviously.) But I also like to eat out, get some inspiration, expand my senses and just get some good grub that I didn’t have to prepare. My darling dear husband and I decided to try to have a lunch date at least once a month for this very purpose. Yes, I can be extravagant in my choices or wishlists to try, but for this to work for us we decided to be a bit practical. A lunch item is often half the cost of a full dinner and you get to sample some fabulous food. Added bonus, I am hoping to indulge in some specialty food shopping along the way. Today I hit up Mitsuwa MarketPlace and Le Sur Table on the way home! Score!  Both were having sales!!!

For lunch, I had the baby octopus pictured below, but my darling had the Dak Bulgogi, sliced chicken marinated in specially fomulated house sauce which was just delicious and the layers built the flavors exquisitely! Our server and host were extremely personable and obviously proud of their restaurant. It didn’t hurt that we arrived at 2:15pm and the regular lunch crowd had thinned out considerably.  No need for dinner tonight! DDH didn’t like the hot tea, I loved it!

Today’s lunch — Korean BBQ/Grill
Location — Beque Korean Grill, Santa Clara, CA
Ambiance — Modern, warm, clean, upscale for bbq joint
Service — Flawless
Food — Delicious!
Cool Factor — BBQ ventilation is drawn down underneath the table so that you don’t leave with the smoky just grilled smell.
Go Back Factor – Oh Yeah!

Korean Style Baby Octopus Meal
19. Nakkal Bokum *
Baby octopus and flour noodles in spicy house sauce.

What do you do or where do you go to inspire your foodie needs?

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