Lunch Date 3 – Cafe Zazzle: Eat This!

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One of my favorite parts of a road trip is exploring and sampling at new restaurants and this mid-week’s adventure is no different. On our way to Healdsburg, CA we made a lunch and stretch stop in Petaluma and discovered Cafe Zazzle on Kentucky Street.

Our timing seemed perfect,  just after a probable lunch rush. Where to sit?  Bright window bar, cozy table against the old brick wall or along the warm muted tangerine wall? The high ceiling is decorated with sculptural acoustical panels helping to mute noise levels bouncing off the hard surfaces of the restaurant. Painted a cool grey and in groupings, they move gracefully as they go about their business in a visually pleasing way.

I think it is fascinating how a restaurant’s cultural tone sets up your experience before you even taste a bit of food. The staff at Cafe Zazzle are charmingly personable and polite, emanating genuine human warmth. Even their menu encourages patrons to speak up if they need any type of modifications to their selections.

Can you find my little coffee-bug?

As we sat down, both of us were ready for a cup of coffee, which was brought quickly in ample cups. The air bubbles from the pump pot dancing and popping on the surface. As I took my first sip, I was very pleasantly surprised how good it was. A rich creamy medium roast and not a bit bitter. Off to a good start we decided to share a Caesar salad and the Apricot Curry Wrap which also came with Zazzle Slaw. There was an extra charge to split our order, but the two dollars were well worth it! The Caesar was tangy and simply prepared, croutons house made with a nice crunch, fresh Parmesan grated on top. The Apricot Curry Wrap built in a tomato tortilla had a lovely subtly sweet spice flavor combination of the apricot curry aioli, marinated chicken and mixed greens. The Zazzle Slaw was amazingly fresh and hit all the right notes of crisp and tangy. Definitely not your standard mayonnaise dressing and soggy deli slaw for this cafe.

Apricot Curry Wrap
Apricot Curry Wrap and Zazzle Slaw

As we prepared to leave we had an opportunity to chat a minute with the chef as he took his well deserved lunch break. His demeanor affable, relaxed and comfortable. Setting the tone that is just right for this downtown treasure.

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  1. Robin says:

    Thanks to Tara and Rick for a wonderful experience at Cafe Zazzle!

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