Sometimes simple is good

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Never been a big breakfast eater. Nope. Coffee in copious amounts and out the door. A bad habit. Not healthy. Leads to all sorts of things despite the so-called health benefits of caffeine. Blame it on days of waking up just in time for rushing out the door to catch the school bus, work or other deadline. Not planning. Not taking the time, until it takes the toll on your whole well-being.

In 2006 I set about changing this routine and successfully accomplished a bit of weight loss and better eating habits. In 2009 my world was significantly turned upside down and the habits of the past came creeping back. Slowly and surely I became “fluffy” again.

While you may see from my blog posts, I was able to retain a good healthy outlook on food and portions but biggest loss was the daily ritual of breakfast which set me up for those cravings that were less than suitable regardless how tasty. That and exercising, taking walks, visiting the gym to rev up my metabolism and clear my mind.

Back on track, starting simple. Let the delicious flavors of summer fruits and vegetables sway me. With this abundance a habit is re-established.

It is so easy to let it slide. A little bit, here and there, and when the other parts of your world are screaming for attention it is hard, yes, hard to think about yourself, your health, your own well-being. But if you need the strength to give to those worlds, you have to build it within. Soldier on.

Brunch — Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries and a crumbled Ryvita cracker. Sounds lame to some, a punishment. Yet for me the sweet of the strawberries (without added sugar), the creamy tang of the yogurt and the salty sesame crunch of the crumbles suit me just fine. Easy to fix, not much to plan except taking the time; works with a cup of coffee. Just one… maybe one later.

strawberries and yogurt

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4 Responses to Sometimes simple is good

  1. PestO says:

    Yes, soldier on. Brunch sounds very fresh and tasty. Simple while being diverse. I also like the photo, especially the strawberry on the left with its little face pressed against the glass.
    Salute alla caffe’

  2. Denise | TLT says:

    I’m completely worthless without a good breakfast and this yogurt with berries looks and sounds perfect to me. Hope you’re well there in very warm California, Robin! You can send some of those degrees to us;) xoxo

    • Robin E. H. Ove says:

      We are indeed warm here 95F or 32C so sharing some of our California sun would be a pleasure Denise! Happy Monday!

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